Benny the Brat strikes again...

Just when I think Bennett is finally growing up and out of his puppy stage he does this....

Chews my couch pillow.  The pillow that came with the couch.  The pillow that was made to match the couch.  The pillow that matches the couch that we bought at a store that is no longer in business.  Oh, Bennett.

We've been leaving Bennett out of his crate for the past six weeks and just letting him roam our house while we are not at home.  I've been talking him up to our friends and family about how great he is doing and what a big boy he has finally become.  Then he goes and does this.  It's the first thing he has ever chewed of value at our house.  Well, I guess you could count the Pottery Barn quilt that Ryan and I received as a wedding gift but that wasn't completely all his fault and is a whole another story...

Anyways, when I came home Sunday to this disaster I found Bennett happily wagging his tail and practically saying, "Look what I did Mom!  Aren't you proud?!?"  I gave him a quick smack and for about two seconds he looked like he might be in trouble.   Then his toungue came right back out and his tail started moving side to side once again.

And just like that, Benny that Brat is back.


  1. Oh my goodness!! The pillow that you can no longer get to match the couch that you can no longer match!! Eeek!! Bad Benners, bad. I'm still impressed that this is the only thing he's chewed up while being loose all day. He's pretty good!!

    Oh and what about all the undies he chewed up?? All added together that has to be valuable too ;)

  2. Is he a lab? We have two labs and they are constantly getting into things and causing touble!!!


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