Date at the Dog Park

This past Sunday we had a date at the dog park with Alison, Mark and their golden retreiver, Wyatt.  They had recently discovered this gem of a dog park near their house and insisted that we bring Bennett and also insisted that he would love it.  Love is an understatement.  I'm pretty sure Benny was in heaven.... 

The dog park was twenty acres.  Twenty acres with a huge bone shaped doggie swimming pool.  Twenty acres filled with other large dogs, plenty of mud ponds and even an area to do tricks.  Now, Bennett wasn't so much into climbing the ladder or jumping over the wooden beams but he was interested in playing fetch.  And swimming in the pool.  And splashing around in the mud.  Like I said, Bennett was in doggie heaven. 

And the best part about our little doggie date....Bennett slept for a whole day and half afterwards.  Yay!  No more chewing pillows and being bratty because he was sleeping! 

When can we go back??? :)


  1. we kept my friends Westie this weekend and they played all weekend, thus the same exhaustion that set in when he left on Monday! Love it! But, how scary is this? We just got a warning here in NYC to keep an eye out when we go to the dog park because apparently there was word of a craiglist posting talking about people putting poison in all NYC dog parks? What is the world coming to? Anyway, I am glad you guys had a fun doggy playdate!

  2. That dog park sound really excellent with the swimming pool and obstacle course!

    I love the dog park; it is the perfect behavior remedy for restless/mischievous dogs.


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