You know you had a good night...

  • When you cancel your running date with Nicky T and decide that happy hour sounds like way more fun.
  • You can't decide where to go and you want to branch out from the usual wine bar.
  • Your husband recommends a new bar that is supposed to be cool.
  • Discover that you are the only girls at the bar.
  • Should of stuck with the wine bar.
  • Let the bartender talk you into drinking a blueberry flavored drink with pineapple.
  • Find out that Sweet tea vodka is also at the happy hour rate so you order one of those.
  • Eat a greasy pizza b/c that's all the place served for food and you needed to eat.
  • Decide that you are feeling young and brave.
  • Dancing clearly comes to mind.
  • Cross the street to another new bar that is supposed to have fun dancing- Rebels Honky Tonk. Yes, it really is called that.
  • Realize that it is Aggie night at this bar.
  • Don't have to pay the cover charge since you are in fact not an Aggie. Yay!
  • The bar then plays the Aggie War Hymn.
  • Have to have a $20 tab at the bar so clearly you must drink enough to at least cover that.
  • Convince your guy friends to come up and two step all night long.
  • Text your husband to let him know you are at an Aggie Happy Hour.
  • Your husband then shows up at the bar (only b/c it was filled with Aggies, not to hang out with his wife)
  • Pretend you are in college again and proceed to take a soco and lime shot.
  • Wish that you had your bikini in your purse so you could win a trip to Cabo.
  • Decide to head home before you foolishly get on stage.
  • Get 5 hours of sleep.
  • Stumble out of bed the next morning and try to make yourself presentable for work.
  • Walk out the front door at 6:15 to see that the inner lining of your Antonio Melani stiletto is on the front porch.
That's when you know you had a good night :)

This may or may not have happened to me last night. I'm just saying...


  1. Love it! I had a BLAST!! Totally worth blowing off our run for. I think we both needed a fun night out. 6AM came way too early though...

  2. Oh my!! That sounds like so much fun!! I need an Aggie bar! BTW, I have an awesome chicken salad recipe for you. I will send it to you in the next couple of days :) Have a great weekend!


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