One of the many reasons why I love my husband...

Ryan and I were chatting this morning on IM at work and out of the blue Ryan starts this conversation...

Ryan says: I would like to make furniture
Ryan says: I could have my own store in the heights
Ryan says: It would probably be a famous brand within a couple of years
Ryan says: I am going to start
Ryan says: I will draw my designs first
Lauren says: You are crazy
Lauren says: How are you going to make furniture
Lauren says: and who is going to buy it?
Ryan says: People that come to my store
Lauren says: ohh
Ryan says: I am going to make it out of wood
Ryan says: duh
Ryan says: All of our furniture in our house will be made by me
Ryan says: All of our friends will be jealous
Ryan says: Your mom will ask me to build some stuff for her house
Lauren says: HAHA
Ryan says: dream crusher

Wow - I make bad chicken salad and now I'm a dream crusher. I guess I need to work on that. Oh well, gotta love a man with a dream :)

In other news, Ryan and I are taking it pretty easy tonight and catching up on our DVR. Tomorrow morning I plan on running 7 miles (eek!)and then we're off to College Station for the A&M game. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. This cracks me up!! Oh boys and their dreams. He should totally do it! He could build it in your garage and be just like Jesus, the carpenter ;)

  2. WE have reverse conversations of this in my house. I am the one with the random ideas and my fiancee is the one saying...YEAH...

  3. I just found your blog...and LOVE it! :) Your husband is so funny. I'll buy some of his wood furniture. Hehe! :)


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