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What's new with us?? Not much, hence the lack of blogging. However, here are a few highlights in the Rudy household...
  • Ryan is really enjoying his classes at Rice so far. He's been pretty busy the last couple of weeks but has been managing work and school just fine.
  • Running is still going well for me. The only downfall I've seen so far about all of this running is the amount of laundry that has piled up in my closet. Not only am I washing our everyday clothes I'm washing sweaty running clothes. Oh, and the other downfall is my toes are no longer pretty. I've noticed I have new calluses on my feet. I think I need to find time for a weekly pedicure to make up for this...
  • I've signed up for another photography class.
  • We popped some bubbly with my family at my parents new house. They are still in the early stages of building and we decided to toast to the occasion :)
  • College football started!
  • My Sooners lost :( However, the Aggies won and Ryan has clearly stated that the Aggies are having a better season than the Sooners. We'll see how long this lasts...
...and that's about it. Hopefully I'll have more exciting updates soon!

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  1. Did you sign up for the Nikon class I told you about??

    I have also notice how bad my feet are looking! And my toes hurt too :( Not fun. It will be all worth it though when we cross that finish line!


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