Sharing Small Spaces

I'm at my last straw. Having a house with one bathroom is bad enough but having a house with one teeny tiny bathroom is much worse! Now, don't get me wrong - I absolutely LOVE our little two bedroom house and everything about it. It has been the perfect size for us. However, I have come to the conclusion that I would never buy a one bathroom house again and if for some insane reason I fell in love with a house that only had one bathroom - it would definitely have at least two sinks.

Anyways, Ryan and I leave for work at the same time in the morning which of course is a challenge in a one bathroom house. We do have a system that semi works for us as I am the first one up and in the shower. I actually am able to dry my hair before he comes in. However, if I take a break during the lengthy hair drying session and set the the hair dryer on the counter to re-position the round brush, the hair dryer somehow always manages to fall to the floor due to lack of counter space. This of course happened twice this morning and on occasion has nearly landed in the toilet (which happens to be maybe 2 feet away from the sink). I'm not sure if I'm just delirious at this hour or if my hair dryer is playing tricks on me...

Now, as soon as Ryan comes in and turns on the shower steam immediately fills the room, the mirror fogs up and now I'm sweating due to the lack of air flow in this tiny room. The fact that I was blowing hot air on my head for the past ten minutes doesn't help either. Did I mention that not only do Ryan and I share the bathroom while getting ready but we share it with Benny too?!? Bennett has to lay on the rug which is the only area to stand while being in front of the sink/mirror. It's quite entertaining at our house at 5:45 am....

That's my rant for today :)


  1. Do you have another area in the house that has a mirror where you could blow dry your hair? I know all about living in small spaces and I totally feel your pain!

  2. Oh no!! We have a bathroom with 2 sinks...best thing ever!!

  3. Good luck with this one...they say love grows best in little houses. One day you will be looking back and loving this memory ;)

  4. Poor Ski! I don't know how you do it!! Bathrooms get so hot after blow drying and then when the shower turns on there's no hope! Maybe you could put a fan in the hall that could blow in there while you two are getting ready??

    Just think, when babies come, you will have another visitor in there with you ;)


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