Enjoying my Friday off...

Today is our 9/80 day so we're off from work. However, instead of enjoying this day off by sleeping in and relaxing we are repairing all the A/C ducts in our house. Exciting?? You betcha. Oh, the joys of home ownership :)

Our house is old, 54 years to be exact, and apparently the A/C ducts have deteriorated. No wonder we had a $350 A/C bill last month! Apparently, all the cool air was escaping into our attic and even to the outside. So now we are spending our Friday off with a crew of men and spending X amount of dollars (I won't even mention what this is costing us). Oh, and our house is a mess. The pictures speak for themselves. But don't worry, they promised to clean it all up....

(I snuck a pic with my iPhone when they weren't looking)

Did I mention that we also have a guy currently installing ATT&T U-verse at our house?!? I think I might need to make an escape to get my nails and toes done :)

Happy Friday!


  1. $350 AC bill?? Ouch! I'm sure this will save you in the long run though.

    I'm sure you are so ready for them to be out of there! And I totally think that you should go get a mani/pedi. And I think that I should come too, because let's be honest, I'm not getting too much done over here today :)

  2. Laurie, I miss you! I think the new air ducts ARE exciting!! And, we have U-Verse and LOVE it!! (We get SOAPNET now, which means... 90210 reruns!!! Love it!)


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