Spring Plans

As I posted awhile ago, things have definitely slowed down in the Rudy household. No more trips to Chicago, vacations in Cabo and friends visiting from out of town. I apologize for the lack of posting but what could I possibly have to write about now?

While we have definitely enjoyed having more free time this past month we are about to be busy again with all the fun things we have planned this Spring. Let's see, next month we have a fabulous couples shower planned for our good friends Alison and Mark (more details to come later on that), a girls trip to Charleston, SC , bachelor/bachelorette parties, a trip to Kentucky to visit Ryan's sister and her family and then finally Alison and Mark's wedding in Dallas! Whew - I'm sure I'll have tons of good posts and pictures to come from these events!

As for now, I'll leave you with a few fun facts about what's been going on with the Rudy's:
  • we bought a new desk that Ryan just absolutely had to have
  • our second bedroom has been rearranged to fit the new desk we had to have
  • we had to buy a new computer to sit on this new desk
See, I told you we didn't have anything exciting to post about right now :)
Have a good weekend!

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