62 pounds

My little boy Benny is only 62 pounds. What kind of lab only weights 62 pounds?!? Bennett had his visit to the vet this morning for his shots and routine check up. The vet says he's healthy and in great shape. She also says he's full grown. At 62 pounds. I think Ryan and I have been in denial about Bennett's size. I mean surely our male lab was going to be bigger than 62 pounds, right? Most male labs are at least 85 pounds. How did we end up with the shrimpo??

Oh well, he is pretty cute and if he was any bigger I guess he wouldn't be sharing the pillow with us anymore....


  1. Aww you got the runt of the litter!! He's a cutie though and yes, he would probably be booted from the bed if he was any bigger!


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