All Alone....

As I mentioned previously, Ryan took the GMAT a few weeks ago, sent in his application and had an interview this afternoon with an admissions director. He sent me a text message after his interview stating, "If I get in, it is going to be a very busy 2 years." I panicked. While I am so proud of Ryan and how hard he has worked it made me nervous for him to say that. For him to say it's going to be a very busy 2 years means that is a lot more work than he or I expected. While I know Ryan will be up to the challenge and will succeed, I'm a little nervous for myself.

Yes, I know this is selfish but I am going to have a hard time with him going back to school if he gets in. I can't imagine him going to work, attending class in the evenings and then studying in his spare time. When are we ever going to hang out??

Ryan attended a function at the campus this evening and has not been home since this morning. I think I got a taste of what it will be like with him being gone all the time. So, what have I been doing this evening? Well since I got home from work I have cleaned the house, played fetch with Bennett, ate a lean cuisine and now I'm drinking some vino while waiting for Grey's to come on. Did I mention that Bennett is bugging the crap out of me? He is constantly barking at me and wanting in and out of the backyard. This is why I am nervous. What is going to happen if Ryan is gone almost every evening and leaves me alone?? Let's see...
  1. I could be super skinny from only consuming lean cuisines
  2. Bennett may drive me insane
  3. They may run out of Black Box at Kroger
I think I am going to need a new hobby. Any suggestions???


  1. Eeek! I'm getting nervous for you just reading this!! That's going to be sad! Here's what you do: Move out to the Woods, we'll do HH or dinner 3 nights a week and Daisy and Bennett can play together! That way you won't get (even more) skinny and Bennett won't drive you crazy. Can't help you out with the Black Box. Pretty sure we would still be consuming a lot of that goodness!

  2. HEY LAUREN! Wow- I had no idea you read my blog. The internet is amazing huh? It is so good to hear from you! I just spent the last thirty minutes browsing your blog and catching up on your life. haha. It seems like you guys are doing really well! How do you know Blue Eyed Bride and Nina? I did their blog designs for them and noticed them on your list!

    Thanks for sending your congrats on my blog- that was really sweet of you.


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