Weekend Wrap-Up

Here are a few highlights from our weekend:

  • Had Friday off from work

  • Ryan cooked me a fabulous steak Friday night

  • Saturday morning jog at the park

  • Spent all day Saturday with The Merediths

  • My Sooners won!

  • Date night with Aaron and Nicole

  • Slept in Sunday morning

  • Lunch at Ruggles Cafe

  • Shopping at Rice Village (don't worry - Ryan is the one who was shopping today)

Dinner at La Mesa

Overall it was a GREAT weekend and we had beautiful weather. This week I'm headed to Philadelphia for work so check back soon for an update!


  1. Woohoo!! We had such a good time with you two (and Benny)! It was the perfect weekend. Thanks for coming out. Have fun in Phili! You better still be able to email while there :)

  2. great relaxing weekend. can't be better.

  3. I tagged you missy! Hope you had fun in Phili :)


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