It's officially the weekend (well at least in 30 minutes) but I've already tuned my mind off work and focused on the weekend. I'm looking forward to a relaxing evening that includes take-out and some wine, a Saturday filled with college football and friends and an uneventful Sunday. I'm also hoping for a weekend where I can take a shower with flowing water and not just a few drips, wash clothes and even run the dishwasher. I know this may seem odd but we have been now going on 5 days with NO water pressure.

Let me explain - The City of Houston finally came on Sunday to pick up all the debris from our front yard (leftover from Ike) and somehow they managed to break the water pipe. So we have had water flowing in our yard, down the sidewalk and into our neighbors yard. They have been out several times this week and Ryan has spent several nights on the phone with them and they have told us, time and time again, that it would be fixed. We're crossing our fingers that when we come home today we'll have water and we can take a nice long hot shower, wash clothes and even run the dishwasher. Well, maybe the laundry can wait until Sunday...

Have a great weekend!

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