Formula Fun....

So I was reading a few blogs today during my lunch break and I came across one that was talking about weight loss and the number of calories you are allowed to eat in a day without gaining weight. This calculation is called your TEE (total energy expenditure) and it is the number of calories you burn in a day. It set out a formula that you use to calculate this number which is called your TEE (total energy expenditure) and it is the number of calories you burn in day. I, of course being very curious, had to try this for myself. I’ll let you scroll down, calculate your TEE for yourself and then give my opinion at the end….

Your TEE takes into account 3 factors. So we will do 3 different calculations! Here's how you do this... Ready? Grab a calculator, some paper and a pencil.

1) Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)- Your BMR is the number of calories your body burns in a day when operating at absolute minimum capacity. So, in other words, if you did absolutely nothing all day your BMR, then, is the number of calories your body burns just to keep you alive. (heartbeat, digestion, etc).
BMR is influenced by several factors, including age, weight, height, gender, environmental temperature, and diet and exercise habits. It's almost impossible to pin down your BMR to the exact calorie, but you can get close. Here are the formulas for calculating your BMR. Grab a calculator and plug your numbers into the formula that is for you!

MALE: 66 + (6.3 × body weight in pounds) + (12.9 × height in inches) − (6.8 × age in years)

FEMALE: 655 + (4.3 × weight in pounds) + (4.7 × height in inches) − (4.7 × age in years)

Keep your number handy!!

2) The next number you need to know is your physical activity level. Which one of these descriptions best fits your day-to-day routine? Give yourself the appropriate score.

- a. Sedentary Physical Activity Level - Do you have a desk job or sit for most of the day? If the answer is yes, your score is 1.1.
- b. Light Physical Activity Level - Are you on your feet and walking around for at least half the day? If this is you, your score is 1.2.
- c. Moderate Physical Activity Level - Are you on the move pretty much all day, with a few breaks, this is the level for you. If you're in this category, your score is 1.3.
- d. High Physical Activity Level - Does your job require being constantly on the move, and does it require manual labor? If you're in this group, your score is 1.4.

3) The last part is figuring out the number of calories you burn from exercise on an average day. The number of calories you burn during any exercise session depends on a few things, primarily your body weight.
Use Jillian's chart to help you figure out the number of calories you burn from exercise on an average day according to your weight, the type of exercise you do, and how long. Keep that number handy!

Okay, ready to find out how many calories you burn daily???? (PS-I will share my numbers)

Get the three numbers you've come up with and simply multiply your BMR by your daily activity score, and then add your exercise expenditure. Whatever you get from this final calculation is your magic number. As long as you eat less than that number you should lose weight, right???

Ok here's mine...

2307 -- So basically what that means is that I now have a great excuse to eat more! I typically track what I eat on a daily basis and have a good idea of how many calories I eat. Now maybe I’m way off but I don’t think I normally eat 2,307 calories in a day. Ok, Ok, maybe some times. However, I know I haven’t eaten close to that number today so I think I’ll wander down the hall for my second brownie (covered in icing) for the day.

At this rate I’ll be 5 pounds heavier next week :)


  1. Man that's a lot of calculating! I'm glad you posted this. I had no idea how to do all of that. Between my SmartOne and DC I think I need a little extra treat! :) Cookies here I come.....This could be a bad thing.

  2. I'm the worst about using the excuse that I'm down a pound or two to eat a little more...effectively getting rid of that deficit! ;-)


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