Easter Recap

We had such a great Easter weekend and I took too many pictures not to share.  We actually kicked off the Easter festivities a week early and went up to Ryan's parents barn with all his family on Sunday.  We had the annual egg hunt (I found the golden egg, woohoo!!), had way to much fun with confetti eggs and of course, Henry loved on his Nana.

On Thursday afternoon my mom, Ryan and I went to Henry and Charlie's school for an egg hunt and Easter party. Henry really has the "hunting for eggs" thing figured out this year and managed to bring home lots of candy.

We were getting a little greedy towards the end...

They even had an egg hunt for the babies ;)

On Saturday we went to Easter brunch with my parents.  As expected, Henry was terrified of the Easter bunny (see here - Santa 2013, Easter 2013, Santa 2012) and if we wanted a picture one of us had to hold him.  If I'm going to be in the picture with the bunny so is Ryan :)

I can't get over how grown up my baby looks here!

We hunted eggs (again!) but this time did not manage to get as many eggs.  I think it was a little too crowded in this area and Henry much preferred to have the wide open field for hunting...

After brunch we went and picked up my Grandmother and dyed eggs while the guys went golfing.

Henry had a great time coloring the eggs and only managed to drop 1!

Henry did not have much of nap that day which led to some misbehaving on his part...

When you repeatedly throw your cars in the pool after being told no you will end up in time out! Not sure how effective this was but we tried...

It was a beautiful evening and we enjoyed a steak dinner on the patio :)

The next morning the Easter bunny came and brought lots of goodies. Henry found the few eggs that had been hidden that morning and managed to consume enough chocolate for all of us!

We went to church and both boys ended up staying with us.  Drop off in the nursery did not go well so I gave in and let him come with us.  He actually made it halfway through the service and as soon as the sermon started he was done with sitting still and Ryan and him left.  Charlie smiled at all the old ladies and then took a little snooze and did great!

We snapped a pic with the cousins after the service...

And attempted one as our first Easter as a family of 4...

After church we came back and had lunch at my parents and then took a long walk late afternoon to attempt and work off all the calories we had consumed all weekend.  We were also hoping the boys would take a much needed nap.  Success!

It truly was a great weekend and I'm so thankful to celebrate Easter with our families.  Especially these two :) 

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