Big Brother Update

I've been meaning to write a big brother update for the past 6 weeks but honestly have not had the time or energy to sit down and write it.  Believe me, I'm taking pictures and capturing all the fun memories of life with a two year old but have simply not put anything on the blog.  I hate that I've been bad about keeping up with this as I love looking back and reading posts and seeing pictures but it's just been hard.  It is hard to keep up with the blog when I'm still getting up with Charlie during the night and not getting a good nights sleep.... Hard to keep up with the blog after working all day... Hard to keep up with the blog when I want to spend the few hours I have in the evening with my boys.... Hard to keep up with the blog when all I want to do after they finally go to sleep is lay on the couch....

With all that being said, we are managing.  And we are getting into a new routine. And the boys are thriving.  Henry is at such a fun age and that is what I want to remember.  I may not be able to write lengthy posts but for now I'm happy with posting pictures of our life with this sweet boy. I will remember the moments and memories and that is what matters most :)


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