Henry Ryan... you are two years old!

I can hardly believe we celebrated your 2nd birthday last Friday.  Where did my baby go?!?  You are definitely not a baby anymore and while I miss those days, I am so excited about all that is in store.  You are funny, sweet, expressive, loving and a full blown toddler.  While we have so many wonderful moments, we also have our moments when you whine, when you fall on the floor for not getting your way and when you repeatedly do something with a grin on your face after we have told you no.  While you can definitely test our patience, you can make up for it a minute later with a sweet hug and kiss and we wouldn't trade this time for anything.

Your love for being outdoors continues.  Especially if being outside involves your Dad.  You are such a daddy's boy and want to always do what he is doing.  If Dad is planting flowers, you better believe that you need your own shovel because you want to be right next to him doing the same thing.

Your Dad made a growth chart ruler for your room so we can keep track of your height over the years and you love to stand next to it.  You are about 2 feet, 10 inches right now and weigh close to 29 pounds. We go to the doctor on Friday for your 2 year visit so I'll make sure to update with your official stats after that. You are wearing size 18-24 mth and 2T clothes and wearing size 6.5 in shoes.

You have such a sweet tooth and would love to eat candy all day long if we let you.  You are a little pickier with foods but I can always count on you to eat a hot dog... I promise we're still working on being more nutritional around here...

You are all boy and have a love for all types of trucks and cars.  You love to carry them around and have even been known to bring them in to daycare with you.  You constantly say "vroom, vroom" and push them all over the house.  You also love to fill them up with dirt :)

You are into everything and love to make messes.  You're definitely not afraid to be dirty or wet either inside or outside.  When I pick you up from school you are usually in a different shirt because you have been playing in the dirt outside, playing in the water in the sink or simply getting food all over yourself.

You are talking all the time and saying sentences.  Unfortunately, we have no clue what you are saying most of the time!  You definitely have words that you know and can say them clearly.  At least clear enough that we know what you are talking about.  I'm anxious for you to communicate better as I feel this will help with some of the whining and you can tell us what you really want.  I'm trying to be patient though as I know one day you won't be quiet :)

Henry, I've said this time and time again and will continue to say it.... you bring us so much joy and happiness and we can't imagine life without you.  These have seriously been the best two years yet and I'm looking forward to many more.  We're looking forward to seeing your personality grow and shine and also to watching you be the best big brother.

Love you H Man!!

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