Fall Happenings

I didn't mean to go over two weeks without posting but this past month has been full of fall activities and I want to capture some of my favorite moments.

Ryan's cousin got married in early October and Henry was one of the three ring bearers.  He actually didn't have to walk down the aisle but he did wear a tux.  I wish I would have gotten more pictures but he was a mess that afternoon since he refused to wear his coat so I was just thankful we got out the door on time.  He only made a few minutes during the ceremony before Ryan had to take him out in the hall.... :)

All the cousins were together that day which doesn't happen too often so of course we had to get a group pic...

We've spent a lot of time outside enjoying the weather.  I love this picture of my two favorite boys enjoying their beverage of choice one Sunday afternoon...

Ryan and I went back up to Tulsa one weekend and stayed with Anna and Reid.  We were only there about 48 hours but we had the BEST time enjoying their company, shopping, eating, walking and catching up on some sleep.
One of my other favorite things about fall is football.  Last Saturday our friends came over and we watched both the A&M and OU games and we had the best time hanging out.  We don't get together as often as we would like and it was nice to have some relaxing time together.

Baby A loving the swing :)

Love these girls!

Nicole and her pretty girl....

Of course Henry had to get in the swing and wouldn't get out... I think he was afraid Alexandra would want back in.... :)

Henry also had his first official haircut this past month.  We've been chopping at it and decided it was time to finally take him in.  He wasn't a huge fan at first but eventually calmed down...

We were all thankful for the TV in front of the chair to keep him occupied...

Looking good bud!

And of course we had to go trick or treating on Halloween!  We didn't do a big costume for him since he's so particular about what he wears.  He ended up wearing his skeleton PJ's and it was perfect.  He was comfortable and stayed warm while we were out.

Our neighbor handed out toy cars along with candy which was a huge hit with this little boy!

We've also spent a lot of time in our wagon lately.  Henry doesn't want much to do with his stroller now and insists we get the wagon out.  We've pushed him up and down the street quite a bit!

And lastly, Henry has been helping me get ready for Baby Rudy #2.  We spent one Sunday afternoon sorting through baby clothes and washing them..  He may have spent more time throwing them and messing up my piles but we'll give him an A for effort... :)

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