Twenty Two Months

Henry Ryan... you are twenty two months old!

It's hard to believe you are two months shy of your 2nd birthday.  It seems like just last month that we were planning your 1st birthday party!  I can truly say that each month gets better and better.  You are expressive, sweet, funny and such a happy boy.  You definitely have your moments when you melt down for not getting your way but we're working through that.  It seems that it is happening more and more lately but I'm afraid that just comes with your age.  

Everyday when you come home from daycare you ask for juice, a snack and grab the remote so you can watch TV.  You love to watch Disney Junior and a few of your favorite shows are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Chuggington, Little Einsteins and Sofia the First.  This actually works out well because it lets me change clothes and then get dinner started.

Speaking of dinner.... Boy, you love to eat!  If it's something you like you are asking for "more" and saying please.  A few of your favorites continue to be waffles, hot dogs, cheese, grapes, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and spaghetti o's.  We need to work on adding more veggies to your diet but they tell me you are at least eating this at school.  You also discovered purple skittles recently which makes me happy since they happen to be a favorite of mine as well.  We just have to hide the bag from you because you would eat them all if we let you!

I know I've talked about your love for being outside which hasn't change.  One of your favorite toys continues to be your lawnmower and you whip this out as soon as you see Daddy out in the yard mowing. You would stay outside as long as we let you regardless of the temperature.  You are so determined to be just like him and love to push your mower around.  It's even been known to make it in the house on several occasions....

You love to take baths but would prefer to take a shower now.  We thought it would be a good idea and quick to put you in the shower with us and now you are obsessed!  You would stand under that water forever if we let you.  We can't even say the word shower around you because you are peeling off your clothes and shoes ready to get in.

Cooking is a new favorite hobby of yours.  If I'm making dinner you have to have your pots out and some kind of food to put them in.  The other day I discovered that you had grabbed tortillas out of the pantry and placed one in each pot.  You were so proud of yourself!  All was going well until Bennett discovered the tortillas and ate them.... Melt down followed!

As far as stats, you are wearing 18-24 mth clothes and even some 2T and you weigh about 28 pounds.  You just moved up to size 5 diapers and are now in size 5.5/6 shoes.  You have 9 teeth which includes the top molars in the back.  Where did my baby go?? I can't believe you are such a little boy now and while it makes me a little sad I truly love watching you grow up.  You have a small vocabulary but I'm amazed with how much you understand from us.  I know it's not long before you'll be speaking in short phrases and sentences. I'm also amazed by your knowledge of technology already.  You love to play with my phone and even know how to scroll through the apps.  I think it's time I start downloading some apps for you to play with!

You are all boy and love to play with your trucks and mimic the sounds they make.  Your favorite books even revolve around trucks and we will read Mike Mulligan and the Steam Shovel and Little Blue Truck several times at night before going to sleep.

I mentioned up top that you are such a happy boy which is oh so true.  You love to smile, giggle and laugh and still love to pump your arms up and down when you are excited.  Nothing makes us happier.  I can't believe you are so close to being two and we're trying to soak up this age with you as well as our time as a family of three. Love you H Man!!


  1. I love love that he enjoys being outside so much and wants to be like daddy and push his mower. So cute!

    The tortillas in your pots and pans is the cutest ever! (Also, your pots/pans are SUPER clean. Mine look super janky! You must hand wash..)

  2. Lauren, he is ADORABLE!! I just love his little outfits :) Congrats on your pregnancy!!


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