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I didn't mean to go two weeks without posting but that's what happens when you're 6+ months pregnant with a toddler running around while your husband studies every night for the CPA.  So what's new with us?  Not much honestly.  I do have a few cute pics I want to post and thought I would share a few things going on with us.  I plan on using bullet points so don't get too excited :)

  • It's September!  Time for fall, sweaters, football and candy corn.  Now if only the temperature would drop below 100 so we could really get excited about the upcoming season.  
  • Henry may not be potty trained but he definitely knows how to flush the toilet, wave his hands and say bye bye as the water goes down.  Mimi taught him that so maybe she'll teach him how to actually use the potty as well??? Wishful thinking on my part... 
  • Ryan has officially taken two out of the four tests as part of the CPA.  I can definitely say this seems worse than him being in class since he literally studies every night and several hours every Saturday and Sunday. The plan is for him to take the last test just weeks before the baby should be born so we're crossing our fingers he passes them all!  We're going to need all hands on deck with two kiddos in the house. 
  • I am going to Norman, OK next week for work and I'm so excited to be back on campus for a few days.  I'm looking forward to seeing a good friend while I'm there and hitting up some of my favorite stores on Campus Corner.  I'm also on the lookout for a new game day shirt for Henry.  
  • I know I've mentioned here before that Henry loves to be outside but I think we've reached a new level.  He is obsessed.  He could care less that it's 100+ degrees outside and he's sweating.  He just loves to be outside.  This makes it a little challenging when you're pregnant with a large belly but we've managed to get out as often as possible.  It may only be a short walk to the mailbox but at least both Henry and Benny are happy :)
  • Party planning for Henry's 2nd Bday is officially underway.  I know this fall is going to get crazy so it's never too early to start planning.  We're thinking of doing a firetruck theme.  Anytime Henry hears a siren he puts his finger in the air and waves it in a circle while mimicking the sound of a siren. It seriously is the cutest thing ever.  
  • In baby news, Ryan and I have decided on a name and even purchased something with his initial.  We've actually decided to keep it a surprise so sorry for making everyone wait!  
  • And lastly, Henry and I wore matching green shirts today.  I couldn't resist getting a quick pic with this cutie before heading out the door.  Love him so!

Have a great rest of the week! Thank goodness it's almost Wednesday :)

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