Twenty Months

Henry Ryan... you are twenty months old!

You are sweet, silly, loving, brave and full of life.  I have a hard time believing you are closer to 2 than 1 but I'm loving this new stage.  I love your personality and watching you learn new things everyday.  

I've said this time and time again but you are all boy.  You love balls, getting dirty and being outside.  You also love to do everything that you see your dad doing.  You love anything you can push and will do this as long as we let you. One of the few times I see you so focused is when you're working in the yard like your daddy does.

The water hose is your favorite thing to play with when outside.  It's impossible to try and water anything because you insist on playing with the hose.  And believe me, it's not pretty when we have to go inside.  You are definitely entering the "terrible twos" a little early and have a meltdown when we have to quit playing.

You are such a happy kid and I'm so thankful for your sweet smiles and giggles.  You make us laugh so much and love to do anything that gets a good reaction from someone.  We also have a hard time not laughing when you do something you're not supposed to.  You are quite the little trouble maker and if we tell you no you are usually encouraged to do it again.... We're working on the whole discipline thing and you actually go sit in time out on your own when we tell you to.  I'm not sure how effective this is because you normally have a big grin on your face but we're working on it :)

You really are a good eater and some of your favorites are waffles, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, hot dogs, bananas, cheese, guacamole and of course cookies.  You drink milk in the morning and at night and would drink apple juice the rest of the day if I let you.  You weigh about 27 pounds and are wearing size 18-24 month clothes and are still in size 4 diapers.  Speaking of diapers, you are nowhere near ready for potty training!  I wish I could say we would have this down before the second baby arrives but I just don't see that happening.  You barely even notice or seem to care when you go potty so I can't imagine trying to get you to use your toilet.

Right now your best buddy (besides Benny!) is Leo and you have to sleep with him and you carry him around all the time.  I even bought a second one to have as backup in case something happened to the first but you want nothing to do with the new one.  It clearly does not look or smell the same as your original Leo!

Have I mentioned how much you LOVE to be outside?!?  I'm a big fan of being outside too but just not when it's the middle of July in Houston.  This doesn't seem to bother you though and are constantly at the door saying "outside".  Speaking of words, you still don't have much of a vocabulary but can say a few things.  Your favorite word is "uh oh" and I'm pretty sure you say this more than anything.  Your other favorite is "please".  It doesn't quite come out like that but you sure love to rub your belly and say please when you want something, specifically food :).  Hot, what's this, shoes, and juice are a few others.  You love to babble and talk to us but we're not quite sure what you're trying to say.  You can communicate well though and everyday you seem to learn more and more.

Henry, your dad and I love watching you grow and become the little boy that you are.  Your personality is seriously the best and we are so grateful for the joy you bring to us.  We're also so excited to see you become a big brother in just a few months and can't wait to watch you two boys grow up together.  Love you H Man!

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