20 Weeks

We are officially halfway to meeting this sweet baby boy!  My belly is pretty large and honestly this shirt is really hiding the fact that I look as pregnant as I do.  I've been mostly wearing flowy tops this time around but every time I wear something more fitting I definitely get a lot of comments!
I've been feeling great and I'm enjoying the fact that I'm not nearly as tired during the day and able to get a full nights sleep right now.  I know that will change in just a matter a weeks so I'm trying to get as much accomplished now as I can.  We've decided to move Henry into a big boy room and we've had fun working on that.  We've ordered a bed and dresser and picked out bedding and a few fun pieces of art for the room. We've got to pick out a color for the walls and as soon as I have more progress in the room I will post pics!  I plan on making a few changes to the nursery but I have really loved that room and I'm actually excited that I get to use everything again.

We had another ultrasound at 18 weeks and it was confirmed again that this baby is definitely a boy!  They took measurements of the baby and everything checked out great and we were so thankful to hear that news.  She even said he looked like he was measuring a few days ahead so maybe he'll be here early December.  I just hope it's not on Thanksgiving :)

We have about three names picked out and think we have it narrowed down to one but are not sure yet.  I don't think we'll make everyone wait until he is born but want to be sure before we share anything.

And lastly, I had to share a few pics with my first baby :)  Can't believe he's 20 months and I'm 20 weeks!
And one shot of us comparing bellies.  His is pretty large but I'm pretty sure I win!

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