12 Weeks

I meant to get this post up before now seeing that I'll be 13 weeks tomorrow but better late than never :)

I'm 12 weeks along and we had an appointment at 11 1/2 weeks.  We didn't have an ultrasound but we heard the heartbeat again which is always a good thing.  We also told everyone our exciting news this past week which is always fun.  I'm really started to feel normal again and not near as tired as I was these past few weeks.  My appetite is still up as is the number on the scale.... I feel like the weight is coming on quicker this time as well as the bump!  I've started to wear some maternity pants and feel that I'll be out of all my normal pants in the next week or so.  I've skipped the belly band this time and just went straight for the maternity pants or skirts.  Might as well be comfortable!

I'm not sure I've had any specific cravings but for some reason every time I see chocolate cake I can't get it out of my mind.  This is very odd for me as I've never really been a fan of chocolate cake and I'm trying not to give into this craving but I have a feeling I'm going to cave sooner than later....

We have our next appointment at 16 weeks and we'll do an ultrasound to find out the gender.  Honestly I would be so happy with a boy or girl but I'm just excited to know.  I think it would be so fun for Henry to have a brother but I would also love to have a little girl to spoil :).  We haven't really made any plans yet and as soon as we know the gender we'll decide if we're going to do another nursery for a little girl or make a big boy room for Henry and put the baby in his old room.

So far so good and we're thankful for a healthy pregnancy so far!

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