Life Lately

I didn't mean to go two and a half weeks without posting but sometimes life just gets busy and it's hard to keep up with the blog.  I've managed to keep up with some pics on instagram so I'll share those for the time being.  I promise to do a full 15 month post on Henry next week with more detail!

Henry is definitely a full time walker/runner!  It's crazy how quick that happened...

Saturday night dinner is a whole different story when you have a toddler around.  We have lost all control...

Being silly at dinner and playing with breadsticks :)

Fun night out with good friends.  I spy a baby bump on Nicky T :) 

Playing in the fountains in February.  Can't wait till the summer! 

We are obsessed with pressing buttons.  Too bad I can't teach him how to actually wash clothes :)

Happy Saturday!

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