Go Texan Day

Yesterday was Go Texan Day and Henry had a great Cowboy outfit all picked out.  We had a bandana, hat and even had Ryan's belt buckle from when he was a little boy.  I was so excited to get a cute picture of him all decked in his western wear but it just wasn't happening....

Clearly he was in no mood for pictures.  I even tried to bribe him with a snack but was unsuccessful in changing his mood.  Some say he was mad because he didn't have any boots on but I don't know....  I think he's just a hipster at heart and wants nothing to do with cowboy hats and big belts :)

After our little crying episode he only wanted to be held.  I had a hard time getting out the door for work but Ryan did snap a pic of the cute cowboy and I when he actually looked happy :)

Happy Saturday!

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