Pumpkin Patch Humor

Henry's thoughts on his first pumpkin patch experience... 

"Where are we?  What is going on?  Why is Dad whispering in my ear to smile and make this quick so we can get out of here...?"  

"Oh no, not this stuff again.  You know I hate grass!"

"Mom, really? What are we doing here?"

"This sucks.  Don't you know it's Sunday and football is on right now?"

"Hmm, that lady is pretty funny jumping up and down over there.  Her kid is obviously pretty pissed he had to get dressed up and come sit next to these big orange things too..."

"What the heck is this thing anyways?"

"I wonder if I can pull that off and eat it?"

"Oh hey, a train!  How did they get so lucky they got to ride on that instead of sitting next to these gigantic orange balls?"

"Oh, look, Dad's getting the keys out!  Maybe we can go home soon if I show a little excitement"

 "Now Mom is yelling at Dad to jingle the keys near the camera so I look over there.  These people are crazy..." 

"This is the best you're gonna get.  Now can we go home??"

Even though I didn't get all the cute pictures I imagined, I think these were even better.  It was a short trip to the pumpkin patch but one we'll never forget.... :) 

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