Eleven Months...

Henry Ryan... you are eleven months old!

I can't believe how much you are starting to look like a little boy and not a baby anymore.  Time has gone by WAY too fast and in just one month we'll be celebrating your first birthday! We are looking forward to that milestone but I'm trying to soak in the time right now while you are still my baby boy.  

You are a little over 21 pounds and are 29 inches tall.  You are in size 4 diapers and wearing 12-18 month clothes. You absolutely LOVE food and still haven't tried anything you do not like.  You love the fruit/veggie pouches and can suck them down in just a few minutes.  We typically give you whatever we are eating which makes meal time easy for all of us.  You have been taking four bottles a day but just this past weekend we transitioned to three bottles a day.  It seemed to easy to drop one bottle during the day but I can't imagine us dropping the morning and night bottle!  

You keep your Dad and I on our toes as you are so quick and brave these days.  You are not standing on your own but you are close.  You've just started letting go and testing your balance for a few seconds.  I predict by next month you'll even be taking a few steps!

You LOVE Benny and he makes you laugh so hard.  You love to crawl towards him and try to grab on to him.  He usually walks away but he's pretty good about putting up with your antics.  You love to watch him run fast and you get so excited and wave your arms around and giggle.

You definitely know what "No" means but that doesn't mean you won't test your boundaries. You are always going for Benny's dog bowls and you just laugh and laugh when you get close and we haven't caught you yet.

You love to crawl over to us and stand up against our legs.  You beg to be picked up and it's hard to say no to this cute face :)

You continue to love being outdoors and we try to get out as often as we can.  We still go for walks almost every evening and have made a few stops at the park.  We just put a swing in our backyard and you LOVE it!  You loved it so much you cried when we took you out :(

You are definitely "on the go" but you also have your own down time.  You have become a better napper and I think your body has finally realized you need more sleep to keep up with your energy.  You usually take an hour nap in the morning and sometimes a two hour nap in the afternoon.  You are still going down for the night between 7:30-8 and usually wake up between 6-7 am.  I wish you would sleep in later (especially on the weekends!) but I can usually put on the TV and you watch quietly or play with your toys :)

Happy eleven months baby boy - looking forward to this next month and celebrating your first birthday!!

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  1. Oh H man! You're such a doll! Love his skeleton PJ's :) Can't wait for the big birthday!!


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