I wanted to share a few photos of Henry around the house lately.  Everytime I turn around he's into something and doing something new. 

A few days ago he crawled over to a basket in our living room, tipped it over, and then gave me the biggest grin when he realized I was looking...

Benny is always around Henry and I know he can't wait until he can really play with him.  I usually catch him licking his face but this time he dropped his toy right in front of him.  Of course Henry crawled right to it and wanted to pick it up.  I'm going to have a hard time keeping Benny's toys out of his mouth...

And lastly, Henry is trying to pull up!  This makes me nervous as he is still pretty unsteady on his feet but it's definitely not stopping him. 

Hope you enjoyed a few snapshots from our house.  Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Look at him moving all around! I have a feeling he's just getting started :)


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