Eight Months...

Henry Ryan.... you are eight months old!

I can honestly say this has been the best month yet (I think I always say that...) as you are so much fun right now!  You are such a happy boy and have the biggest smile and you're not afraid to show it.  You love to play with your toys and bang on your drum.  

You weigh about 19 1/2 pounds and are wearing 9 month and 12 month clothes.  You're still in size 3 diapers but we're about to make the switch up to size 4.

You are such an active little boy and rarely want to sit still.  It's getting nearly impossible to take your monthly pictures as you would much rather be on the move than pose for a picture!  

You are eating great and we still haven't tried something that you don't like.  We've taken you down to five bottles from six and you are eating three times a day.  You love all the fruit and veggie mixes from HappyBaby and their yogurt melts too.  You recently tried Mum Mums and seem to love eating those as well. We also give you table food as often as we can and a new favorite of yours is cheese.  

You are sleeping great during the night and go down around 8 pm and wake up between 6 and 6:15.  Some days you sleep a little longer but you're normally up and ready to play by 6 am.   You are not the best napper and we don't have you on a good schedule.  Some days you nap in your crib and other days still in your little seat.  You normally take short naps in the morning and afternoon but every now and then you'll sleep an hour and a half or so if we're lucky.

You've recently shown an interest in books and your favorite right now is Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See?   I think your Dad and I have the pages memorized :)

You are doing an "army crawl" and you can sure get around.  We're amazed with how fast you can get across the floor if you see something you want.  I imagine we'll be putting up baby gates soon.    

Your Nana gave you this cute baseball outfit and said it looked just like one your Dad used to wear when he was little.  I love how sweet you look in this picture.

This has been such a fun month and I love seeing your personality come out.  Can't wait to see what next month has to hold!  

Happy eight months Henry!  

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  1. I would definitely say his favorite food is cheese! Ha I can only imagine the paybacks we'll get with our little ones after that night at Tiempo :)


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