Six Months...

Henry Ryan... you are six months old!

This has been the best month yet as you are always smiling and laughing!  Your daddy gets the best grins out of you and knows how to make you giggle.  You are definitely growing and you weigh 18 pounds!  It's hard to believe you were only a little over 6 pounds when you were born.  You've packed on some lbs in the last six months and I love it.  You are wearing 6-9 month clothes and wearing size 3 diapers.  

You are so close to sitting up by yourself and I know you'll be doing it soon.  You love to have something in your hands and usually it will end up in your mouth.  You also love Benny and he's never far from your side. 

We have started giving you fruits and veggies and so far you haven't tried something you don't like.  We've tried sweet potatoes, bananas, apple sauce, carrots, squash and peas and you've done well with all of them.  We are still giving you 6 bottles a day but you have at least one serving of food a day.

You continue to love the outdoors and we've recently tried you in the swing at the park.  I definitely think we'll be getting one for our backyard soon.

You really enjoy being on your tummy now and can push up very high.  You're not crawling but you can wiggle around some.  You are still not rolling over consistently but every now and then you surprise yourself with a roll from your tummy to back.

Your toes are your new best friend and if you are on your back you are holding them.  You've also managed to put them in your mouth.  Your dad and I wonder how you are so flexible!

You are still sleeping well but we went through a week and a half where you would wake up in the middle of the night.  We usually had to come rock you or give you a pacifier to sooth you back to sleep.

Your arms and legs are constantly moving!  These monthly pictures are already getting hard as I can barely get you to sit still.  Love all the squeals and smiles you give me though when we are taking them.

Happy six months Henry!

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  1. So cute! He's gotten so big!! You may have to start changing out his month stickers and putting them on bigger onesies! He's going to outgrow them :(


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