Henry's Nursery

I know I'm a little late in posting pictures of Henry's room since he is already 6 months old, but in all fairness, we didn't move into this house until he was 6 weeks old.  At that point, we only had the crib, dresser and rocking chair so I've been working on it ever since.  It's still a work in progress as there are several things I still want to add.  However, I want to document what it looks like at this point.

I knew I wanted something soft, simple, vintage and blue.  My inspiration was bedding from Restoration Hardware Kids and we went from there.  I'm hoping that I can work with most of the accent pieces and furniture as he gets older.

I love the cork board over the changing table and right now it holds his Valentines card, Baptism invitation, and a Happy Gram from daycare.  I imagine that one day this will have A&M football tickets and school papers.

I also love the Vintage Hot Air Balloon pictures above his crib.  I'm not sure he'll always be a fan of these but they sure look cute now :)

A view of his bookshelf that is full of toys, pictures, and books.

And lastly, a picture of my sweet little boy in his crib.  Can he possibly be a cuter baby??

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