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Somehow I've let it go nearly three weeks since my last post, yikes! So, in an attempt to play catch up I'll post a few pictures of recent happenings in our household...

A few Saturdays ago we celebrated Kim's 27th Birthday at St. Arnold's Brewery here in Houston where we all had several tastings and sang Happy Birthday over a yummy cake Leslie made.

It was a beautiful afternoon so we decided to head on over to another patio.  Unfortunately Ryan was in class that day so he missed out on all the fun activities but we managed to have a good time even without him :)

The weather has been great lately and we've been spending a lot of time in our front yard throwing the ball to Bennett. He could do this for hours...

And he loves rolling around in the grass...

My new camera bag from Kelly Moore came this week and I could not be more excited!  It's the perfect mix between a stylish purse and camera bag.  I ordered this back in January and I have been waiting for it to get here.  The timing is perfect though because I go to NYC later this week for a girls trip and you better believe I'll be sporting this bag.  
I tried it on as soon as I got home from work.  The color is beautiful, it smells yummy and fits just right.  The best part is you can wear it over the shoulder or messenger style.  

Our azaleas are in full bloom right now and they look beautiful.  I'm not sure if they have ever looked this good while we have lived here but we are sure enjoying it right now.

I blogged a few weeks ago about the new couch we ordered from West Elm and it finally arrived this past Friday.  I am loving the color and it will be perfect with a black dog :)

We've ordered another chair for the room and now I just need to pick out a new rug, new pillows, and new paint for the walls.  I love the idea of changing the room up but I'm really struggling with what to put in here.  Everything I seem to pick is out of the budget :(

That's it for now!  Hope you're enjoying your weekend :)


  1. Your flowers are gorgeous!! If I show this to Aaron he will be at the nearest garden store stocking up...

    Love the couch and the new bag!

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