Rudy Rivarly Recap

This past Saturday Ryan and I had a blast rooting for our teams at Kyle Field in College Station.  Unfortunately for me my Sooners did not pull out a win but I can say Ryan left the game with a big grin on his face. Scroll down for a brief recap in pictures....

The weather was awesome and we had a great time tailgating during the day.  Thankfully I had several other Sooners to hang out with :)

I was also excited to meet several OU Alpha Chi's...

These girls were super sweet and they were kind enough to show me the new AXO hand signal. I also discovered that my picture is still on one of the old composite boards in the house so at least I don't feel that old!!

Ryan and I also convinced our new neighbors to come to the game with us.  They assured me they were neutral since they both went to Georgia Tech but I'm pretty sure I saw them rooting for the Aggies on more than one occasion in the game... 

Alison and I!  

Alison and I with our Aggie husbands.  What were we thinking?!?  Haha J/K.  I'm pretty sure they are "whooping" with us in the middle!

Much cuter...

Our annual Rudy Rivalry picture...

One last pic before we went into the stadium...

Another fun game in the books but I'm already looking forward to next year when we dominate the Ags in Norman!!


  1. Cute pics! Wish we could have been there...weddings :( Next year ya'll better come up to more!! We miss our Rudy's at the tailgates

  2. Very cute!! Miss you guys!!

  3. this looks like such a great day..


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