New York, New York!

Ryan and I have always talked about going to New York City around Christmas time and we are actually making it happen this year.  We went last summer and loved every second of it but also want to experience the big city amongst all the holiday lights and festivities.

At this point we have two round trip tickets and a hotel but now we are looking for a few restaurant suggestions.  Dining is very important to us while traveling and we want to make sure we get it right :)

On our last venture to the big apple we had some great recommendations by Militini but we are looking for something new this time.  So far I have a few ideas from a friend of mine from college that actually lives in the city but I would also love to hear suggestions from anyone else!

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  1. yeah, well having lived in Manhattan for almost 25 years I could give you the name of a guy who hangs out still near Tompkins Square Park and might be able to sell you a few bags of horse. You could snort them up on the subway up to Times Square, get stoned out of your gourds, puke on the ice at Rockefeller Center and pass out.
    I Love New York!


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