Relaxing Weekend

We've had quite a relaxing weekend in our household which is rare so we made sure to enjoy every moment.  Friday night we hung out with some of our besties (Aaron&Nicole, Mark&Ali) and hit up our usual spot for dinner at El Tiempo and then came back to our place to play some dominoes.  It's been forever since we've all hung out and it was nice to spend some time catching up.  Unfortunately I did not get any pictures that night as it was pouring rain and our hair was soaked once we got to the restaurant.  Oh well, I think we got over our frizzy hair once our margaritas arrived :)

Saturday was also rainy which actually made for the perfect day.  Ryan and I have been talking about how we would love a Saturday where we didn't have much going on and we could just hang out at the house and relax.  We also had my parents dogs over the weekend since they were out of town and I loved being able to spend time with them.  I think Benny was a little jealous with them around though as they were getting quite a bit of attention :)

The weather cleared up Saturday night and we tried a new restaurant that just opened up near us.  I would definitely recommend BRC to anyone in the Houston area and we will be headed back soon!

I'm also sure today has been the laziest day of all.  We slept in, went to lunch and I've been messing around in Photoshop this afternoon and Ryan's been catching up on school work.  Nothing too exciting in our household but it was definitely a nice weekend.

In other news, Ryan and I were discussing at lunch today that our third wedding anniversary is coming up in the next two weeks.  Not only is it almost our our anniversary but Ryan will have soon finished his first year of his MBA and I will have been working for four years!!  Where has the time gone?!?  Either way, I think we'll have a few good reasons to celebrate :)

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