Benny needs a Pedicure

We have a problem in the Rudy household.  We have a black dog, (a.k.a. Bennett, Benjy, Schmoopy, Doofus, etc.) who happens to have the longest nails in lab history.  You see, this is a problem because he scratches the floors.   And he jumps off the bed in the middle of the night and likes to prance around the wood floors to make just enough noise to wake us up.  And these nails hurt when he paws at you at 6 am in the morning.  And did I mention they scratch our floors??

Yes, this is a problem.  However, this problem could easily be solved if Ryan and I took our long-nailed furry friend to Pets Mart to get them filed down.  Or even if we bought clippers and did them ourselves.  Nah...that would be too easy.

It's been months now that we've been saying we need to take care of this problem and I'm not really sure what's stopping us.  Maybe if I threaten to paint them a nice shade of OPI Passion Pink Ryan will take care of these freakish long nails :)

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  1. This might be my favorite picture ever :)

    Also, go grab some toenail clippers out of your nail polish/mani bag and clip those suckers down!! That's what I do with our pups. Cheds and DayDay love it!


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