One last dinner...

This past Saturday night we had one last dinner as a family at my parents house.  They have lived there nearly 18 years and are moving out in two weeks.  This is the house my brother and I spent most of our childhood in and it's an odd feeling for my parents to move away from there.  We made a ton of great memories in that house and while I'll never forget them I'm also looking forward to all the new memories we're going to make.

To kick off our dinner we took a few "last" pictures in their backyard.  

My cute parents and their even cuter dogs :)

Ryan & Courtney - Georgia didn't make this picture but she'll make her appearance below...

Ryan, Benny and I - I'm pretty sure Bennett had his eye on the tennis ball..

And lastly I'll leave you with the person (err I mean dog) most excited about the new house.  As you can see, he has currently been restrained to a small little pond in their backyard for swimming....

And look - there's Georgia!

And now Benny has his very own pond in my parents new backyard.  See, no restraints now :)

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  1. Awww!! I can't believe they are moving already :( But you're right, the memories you all will make in the new home will be just as good! And hopefully will include some little Rudy's running around too ;)

    Looks like Benny is going to love it! He has his personal swimming hole - every dogs dream!


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