Life in the Country

This weekend we traded in our sporty little BMW for this:

Instead of our usual El Tiempo Margaritas or Black Box wine we drank Miller Lite :

Instead of shopping for furniture and accessories at Pottery Barn we hit up the antiques in Warrenton: 

Instead of our our pups being confined to a small crate with no room to even turn around they had 90 acres to roam: 

 Alison, Mark, Nicole, Aaron, Ryan and I along with all our pups traded in the city life for the country.  And we absolutely loved it.   

In all seriousness, Ryan's parents graciously hosted all our friends and our furry children for a weekend in the country at their Barn.  Ok,  if we are being serious I guess I'll admit that we don't really drive a BMW but I thought it would make more of a contrast with the Gator than the six year old Nissan Xterra that I actually drive....

Anyways, this weekend happened to be one of the two weeks out of the year for antiquing in Round Top and Ryan's mother took all of us girls out shopping on Saturday and we loved it!  It was quite an experience, and extremely overwhelming, but we truly had a great time.  We were exhausted after only a few short hours but the best part about this antiquing thing is that you get to drink beer while you shop.  Who would have known??

While the girls shopped the boys were hard at work building a work bench in the barn.  They didn't quite finish the project but I think they had a good time.  We spent the evening driving the Gator around chasing the cows, playing a few games of corn hole, spending time with the pups and just enjoying the beautiful weather.

I think it was a nice little getaway for all of us and I can guarantee we'll be back.  We may live in the city but I think we have a little country in all of us :)


  1. I seriously had the BEST time this weekend! It is definitely a re-do if Betty will have us :)

    Love the dog pics and the weekend Beamer! It might not have been uber chic, but it sure was a good time! I know you want me to be your driver from now on...haha

  2. Just checking in on your blog. Looks like you guys are having fun! I sometimes miss those days of freedom before a baby. Enjoy them while you can. ;)


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