This morning my dear husband informs me that I have used 54 text messages in the past 5 days and that I only have 146 left to use for the next 26 days. I let him know that there is no way I could have used that many text messages lately. He then shows me the screen which has a listing of every text message I have sent and who I sent it to recently. Oops.

In my defense I just upgraded my iPhone so now I can finally send picture text messages and it's pretty awesome. How can he expect me not to use that?? Besides, I think it's time we upgrade to unlimited text messaging...


  1. Now, who on earth could you be texting...... ;)

    The text pics are just too fun! Tell Ryan for your sake and mine, you need to upgrade to unlimited!

  2. How on earth do you not have unlimited texting?, is a more important question. ;) Until you get that taken care of, I will refrain from the sending you my "important" messaged via text. xoxo

  3. Oh my goodness, I couldn't live without unlimited texting. I even have my poor hubby hooked, haha!

  4. Have your hubby call me...I finally convinced my fiancee of the financial benefits of going with unlimited texts. My life is much happier as a result :)


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