A run in my shoes

Just for fun I thought I would get a little more creative and do a running update with a recap from one of my longer runs. And lucky you, I've even included pictures :)
This morning I planned on doing a nine mile run (yikes!) and the farthest I've done at this time is eight miles which was two weeks ago. I was a little nervous but for the most part felt good since the weather has been cooler recently and my shorter runs have become easier. The alarm went off early this morning at 6:15 (who am I for waking up so early on a Saturday?!?) and I grabbed a bite to eat, dressed in my fab running gear and headed out the door. I will say that Bennett was sad to see me leave as he usually accompanies me on my longer Saturday morning runs but I just didn't feel right making him run this far. Anyways, it was definitely chilly this morning so I wore a pullover over my tank top and I'm glad I had that to start with. I also sported a super cool running fanny pack to keep a snack in to help keep me energized throughout the run. On the way to the park I jammed out to a little Party in the USA by the one and only Miley to get me pumped up. However, I was still a little nervous as the thermostat in my car said it was 49 degrees out but I was determined to do this anyways.
Here's the before shot - Still not sure why in the world I'm up at 6:45 am about to run in the cold...

The run started out well and before I knew it I had finished the first loop (which is almost three miles) and I was making great time. The temperature felt great and while at first I was thankful for my pullover that quickly came off after five miles as I warmed up. Around mile six I whipped out my granola bar from my fancy fanny pack (it's really cool looking, I promise) and that gave me the energy I needed to finish the last three miles.

I finished! Of course I had to take a pic of my watch for proof. I was pretty pumped that I ran the nine miles in a little under an hour and half.

And the after shot. I look much happier now :)

I will say that it's hard for me to believe that I actually ran nine miles this morning and that I enjoyed it. A few months ago I could barely run three miles and I've really been impressed that I have stuck with this. For the most part I have been running by myself and without an ipod or any music. While I love running with my friends it's really nice to have this time to myself.

And lastly, here are the shoes. They definitely are not the prettiest but they are super comfortable and have been through many miles with me!

Hope you enjoyed the update. Maybe next time I'll get some shots while running. Or maybe not. I don't think I'm quite advanced enough for running and taking pictures...

Have a great weekend!


  1. Great job, friend!! I'm proud of you!

  2. Wow! Up early and nine miles. You can't be MY duaghter. So proud of you:)

  3. Woohoo 9 miles!! Isn't that exciting??? Who would have thought that 3 months ago we'd still be going through with this crazy idea we had while lunching/shopping one afternoon?!?

  4. Great job! Isn't it the best feeling when you go farther than the run before?! What half marathon are you running?

  5. good for you girl- to get up so early to run!! That's awesome. What got you to go from running 3 miles to 9? I can't seem to push past the 3.5 mile mark, no matter how much I run and workout.


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