Staying Cool

It's officially summer here and the temps have been in the 100's. It's hard to be outside more than 15 minutes without breaking a sweat and the only way bearable is to be in the water. Ryan and I have been fortunate enough to crash our friends pool the last couple of weekends but Bennett on the other hand doesn't have that option. Instead, he chooses to cool down by playing in the sprinklers :)

Bennett recently discovered the sprinklers when we were out front one evening and they turned on. Bennett has always loved to be around water so I'm not surprised when he started frolicking through the front yard trying to eat the water, jump over it and just stand right in front of the sprinkler head with his tongue hanging out. Since then we've set out the hose in the backyard in an attempt to keep our grass alive and Benny is in pure heaven.

Hope you're staying cool this summer!

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