Benny and the Shoe

What seemed as a lazy Sunday morning proved to be quite entertaining (at least for me). I'm in the back room browsing the internet and the next thing I know Ryan is yelling and running out into the backyard. I immediately think what has Benny gotten into this time and sure enough he has discovered Ryan's shoes.

Of course, I think this is hilarious and immediately grab my camera. However, Ryan is not so amused :)

I can't stop giggling now as Bennett is running around the backyard determined not to let Ryan have his shoe back.
We eventually get Bennett to stop and discovered that there was actually a tennis ball in the shoe. We're not sure how that ended up in there but Bennett was more concerned about getting the ball out than actually chewing the shoe.
Thankfully the shoe was OK or Benny might of been in a little more trouble :)
Happy Sunday!

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