New York, New York

Wow, I can't believe our New York trip has come and gone. It seems like we were just boarding the plane for the big city and now we're home. We had such a great time and did so many things in the few days that we were there that I plan on posting this recap in several parts. I want to make sure I don't leave anything out so I can look back and see what we did, where we ate, etc. so I plan on writing a lengthy recap full with pictures. Bear with me!

We took off Thursday morning and arrived at the Newark airport around noon. Ryan is confident when he tells me he knows how to get from the airport to the hotel using public transportation so we catch the Air Train to Penn Station and then grab another subway to find our hotel. Honestly, this wasn't that hard but when you have your luggage, a carry-on and a purse it's a whole different story. Luckily, the rain held out on us as we made it to our hotel but I proclaimed that we would be taking a cab on our way back to the airport. We arrived at a cute boutique hotel in Midtown that we loved. You would barely notice the hotel from the street but the lobby is very modern and chic as well as our room.

The front of our hotel

Our fabulous room

At that point it was nearing late afternoon and we were starving! We headed out to find the Shake Shack to try out their delicious burgers. We decided to walk (it couldn't be that far, right??) and we thought this would be a great chance to scope out the city. Well it was a little farther than we thought but the long walk and the wait in line were worth the wait.

Mmm delicious
After our late lunch we decided to start our walk back and of course at this point the rain started in. We didn't have our umbrella with us so we headed for the subway. We arrived back at our hotel around 5 and took a much needed nap before our dinner reservations. Thanks to a recommendation from Milltini we tried a restaurant called Schiller's Liquor Bar and the food and atmosphere were fantastic! The rain never let up that evening but it didn't keep us from seeing the city. After dinner we grabbed another subway and ended up at Greenwich Village to have a glass of wine at a local jazz bar. Then we decided that the night was still young and hopped on another subway to a piano bar near our hotel. Yes, we rode the subway about 8 million times over the weekend. I'm pretty sure we rode it even more than the locals but hey, we don't have this at home so we had to take advantage of it!

Our self portrait before we left for dinner :)
That's all for now as I need to go unpack and get ready for the week. Stay tuned for more!


  1. I love your recap and can't wait to read more!! Keep em' coming! I'm dying to see more pics!

    OK that burger looks delicious!! I'm getting hungry :)

  2. Yay! Shake Shack and Schillers! Two of my favorite spots! I am so glad you were able to try them and that they worked out. And I am tres impressed with you guys and your forays into public transportation. Are you sure you two aren't native New Yorkers? ;-)


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