Hair Dilemma

So for the last two years I've had a love/hate relationship with my hair stylist. One appointment I'll leave with fabulously styled hair with golden locks and the next time I'll leave with a ridiculously looking bob with uneven layers and streaked hair. I think he has tried something different every time even though I keep referring him back to that one really great style he did many moons ago. So I finally decided to break it off (and hope that I never run into him) and find someone new. I made an appointment at a salon near my house with hopes that this would be the one. Well.... she was OK. I felt like she cut it fine but the highlights were terrible and I left with more roots than I walked in with. I decided that I needed to give someone else a chance. That's when I found him. I was given a referral for another salon and I was promised that I would be satisfied. Well I was satisfied with the hair, just not the price...

As soon as I walked into the salon and they handed me a glass of wine I knew this would be it, there was no way this place would let me leave with a bad cut. Now maybe I should of ran when I heard the guy in front of me paying for a $50 haircut but I relaxed and waited patiently for my time. When it was my turn I sat down at the chair and my stylist took one look at my hair and confidently said he knew exactly what to do and that he would put the perfect shades of gold onto my hair. That's when I was hooked. Then I got the bill.

I'm not even going to admit what I paid for color and a cut as I'm pretty embarrassed. I mean how can they charge so much for color when my hair barely even touches my chin!! I am willing to pay for a good haircut but the color alone cost more than what I was used to paying for cut and color. So now I have a dilemma. I have finally found someone who understands the art of short hair and how to craft the perfect shades of blonde but I can't afford him. Well I guess I could cut back on groceries and such to cover my hair bill, right???

Well, even if I don't ever get to go back I will at least have fabulous looking hair for the next 6 weeks or so :)


  1. I was so worried you were going to say something bad happened!! Ski has to have blonde locks ;) Glad you found someone you liked! You have to tell me the price! Is it that bad?? I pay almost $100 with tip for my haircut alone and I thought that was ridiculous, but I love my Alan! Keep going and tell Ryan he has to cut back on his Whata intake - HA

  2. OH MY GOSH! I had this EXACT SAME THING happen to me...except in NYC salon, which was incredibly traumatizing. I never wrote about it because I was too embarassed because it was such a debacle! So glad I am not alone.

  3. The bad thing about this situation is that it ruins the whole experience! (And it sounds like good one... with wine and everything! :)) What a bummer! A similar thing happened to me but my color didn't even look good--so I called them and they gave me my money back (ha!--so something I would do, huh?) Sounds like yours looks good though, so you can't do that. I would say keep looking around and whenever you see someone with a cute cut and color ask them where they go. Surely you'll find someone that's good but less expensive that way. Exciting that it looks great for now!! Miss you!

  4. Sigh, I'm on the never ending search for a good hairstylist!

  5. I feel your pain sister. Short hair + curly hair = ultimate challenge for a hairdresser. I just let it grow until I can get to my hairdresser in OK if I want it cut short again.

  6. LAUREN! I love blogger! I found you on Marinas litle site. Hope you are doing well. Lets be bloggy friends. Tell Ryan hi for me!


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