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This post is in honor of Mark Technik. Tonight Ryan and I went to dinner with two of our favorite couples, Aaron & Nicole and Mark & Alison, to our favorite restaurant El Tiempo. I recently had sent out the link to my blog to my friends and of course Mark has a smart comment about "Life with the Rudys". Honestly, I think he's just jealous. It is only a matter of time until Alison comes out with "Team Technick". However, I decided to dedicate this post to Mark partly because he is just jealous of this awesome blog and party because of what a great friend Mark is to us. Mark is one of Ryan's best friends and my "bestest" friend since high school, a roommate to Ryan in college, Best Man at our wedding and now he is marrying one of my best friends from college, Alison. Ryan and I have so many great stories/memories with Mark that we are saving them for their wedding weekend.

Thanks Mark for your friendship, laughter, and love and we are looking forward to many more years to come!

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  1. Man I thought you were going to lay into him for making fun of "Team Rudy's", but you totally went all mushy! Aww, but what sweet stories!


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