#1 with no onions and a Diet Coke

I was skimming through my wedding photographers blog, Vanessa, this morning and came across a picture that made me smile. If you know my husband you know about his love/obsession with Whataburger. I swear he could eat it everyday and A)not get sick of it and B)not gain a single pound. On her blog she posted a picture of a grooms cake and sure enough it has a Whataburger theme. That's right - the orange and white sack on top of a cake. I literally laughed out loud. The best part is I sent the link to Ryan with the picture and he informed me that he was actually eating Whataburger at the moment.

Here's to you Ryan and your love for Whata!

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  1. This is great news, Ryan! No need for Pappas Bros, your Birthday dinners can always be at Whataburger!


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