Charlie's Baptism

Charlie was baptized back in August and it was such a wonderful day celebrating our sweet boy.  The service was at 11 and we were thankful that most of our family was able to attend.  Several others were being baptized that day and when we were waiting in line up front I was a little nervous how Charlie would do.  He started "chatting" and making motor boat sounds and I was glad we had brought the pacifier up there with us to keep him quiet until his turn.  Henry was also up there with us and did such a great job.  After Charlie was baptized the pastor turned him to the congregation and he gave such a great smile to everyone.  It was definitely a moment I won't forget!

Ryan and Henry before we left for church - I love this picture of the two of them!

All smiles before the service!

After the service we had everyone back over to our house for lunch.  Charlie slept for some of his party and then was a little shy when he woke up.  He seems to be pretty timid with a crowd but Henry didn't have any issues as usual.  Henry loved having other kids around to play with him and spent most of the afternoon running around outside.

Nana brought Henry some new toy horses and he loved it!! 

Tired boy after a big morning... 

He was so excited about his new "barn" - Also love that he has an Oklahoma band-aid on his knee :) 

Emily and Alexis with Charlie 

Love this of Henry - hot, sweaty, playing with his drill and annoyed that I'm making him take a picture... all boy for sure!

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