Charlie at Eight Months

Charles Davis... you are eight months old!
I know I say how great every month is but seriously this month has been a blast.  I forgot how much fun it gets when you are sitting up, crawling and even babbling.  I love watching your personality come out and I can never get enough of that sweet smile.  We took your eight month pictures in a romper that your dad's Aunt Marilynn made for Henry.  The outfit was made out of your Grandpa's work shirt and I love that you both have been able to wear this as babies.
You are officially crawling and boy are you fast!!  I was so worried you would start crawling before our trip and thankfully you held off. You were able to scoot around but nothing like what you are doing today.  As soon as you spot something you want you are determined to get it.  You are crawling about 6 weeks earlier than Henry was which makes me think you'll be walking much earlier too.  Henry was an army crawler at first and you skipped that and went straight to crawling.  You are also so strong and can even pull up on furniture.  I imagine by next month you'll be cruising along the couch.
You weigh 18 pounds and are 27 1/2 inches long.  About 40th percentile for both height and weight.  You are wearing size 6-12 month clothes and 9 months but I think we're about to be in 12 months here soon.
You went on your first vacation this month and we traveled to Manistee, Michigan to meet your cousins for 5 nights. You were such a great traveler and did great on the plane.  We had so much fun playing at the beach on Lake Michigan and hanging out with everyone.
You seriously were so happy and content on the trip which was such a relief to me.  I was worried how you would adjust to the change of scenery and you were great.  We did have issues with you going to sleep at night since it didn't get dark until almost 10 pm but other than that we had no major complaints.
Speaking of sleep, I wish I could report that you are sleeping through the night but that's not the case yet.  You had a few good nights but then being on vacation messed you up again.  You slept in a pack 'n play while we were there and then normally ended up in our bed which we never do at home.  Of course you were all off when we got home so we're working on this again.
The other struggle we've had this month is eating.  You continue to take 5-6 bottles a day of about 6 ounces.  We also give you baby food twice a day but that's about it.  You are picky about what you want and you are pretty good with fruits but not so thrilled about veggies and meats. You also do not take puffs or any type of solid food well. You end up gagging and then throwing up which is pretty awesome.  Your doctor doesn't seem too concerned as it takes some babies longer to learn how to eat but it sure is a pain as it seems you are gagging and then projectile vomiting at least once a day.  We've learned to move close to a sink when we start seeing the warning signs!
You've always been a mamma's boy and it's really showing this past month.  You are not OK with being on the floor and me walking by without picking you up.  Your dad typically drops you off at daycare in the mornings and one day I did this.  You were not OK with me leaving which made me so sad.  It's so hard being away from you boys all day and it breaks my heart when you cry when I leave you!
You are such a handsome little boy and have the best grin.  Have I mentioned that before?!? ;) You love to play with your brother's toys (against his wishes) and he was not a fan of you riding in his truck.  I can only imagine the two of you driving around in a truck when you're older!
You are drooling quite a bit but still no teeth.  Henry was closer to 10 months when his first tooth popped through so you may be close to that.  There are days where I think you are teething since you seem fussy but no teeth so who knows.
Benny is also your best friend and I love seeing you try to play with him.  He loves to give you big kisses and thankfully you don't mind.  I'm also thankful he is so good with you and tolerates you pulling on his ears and playing with his feet.
You are just like your brother and love to be outside.  You've started crying when I open the door to let Benny out yet we don't go out.  It's been so hot lately so I'm looking forward to this fall when we can spend more time taking walks and playing outside.  
Charlie Boy, this has been the best month yet and we are absolutely loving your personality.  You are such a happy and easy-going baby (despite the not great sleep and throwing up...) and we are loving life with you.  It's hard for me to believe you are 8 months old but as always, I'm looking forward to what's to come!

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