Henry at 2 1/2

Henry Ryan... you are two and a half years old!

I have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that my baby boy is two and a half.  I know I've said this time and time again but seriously, this is the best age. You are so much fun and have the goofiest personality.  You can be shy around people you don't know but around us and family, you are hilarious :)

At two and a half, you are all boy.  You're all about cars, trucks, playing in the dirt and being sweaty.  I can't even imagine what you will be like as a teenager.  You also want to be just like your daddy.  Whenever he is mowing the grass you have to get your lawn mower out. Whenever he is blowing the dirt, you have to get your blower out.  And when he is finished doing the yard, you have to place your lawn mower and blower right next to his.  While I wish you were more of a mamma's boy, it's pretty cute watching you follow in your Daddy's shadow.

At two and a half, you have no fear when it comes to the pool.  It's completely different than last summer and you are ready to swim.  You are kicking and even jumping off the side by yourself. As a mom, this is terrifying yet so exciting all at the same time.

At two and a half, you like to eat.  A lot.  I'm pretty sure mac n'cheese is your favorite and you would eat this every night if we let you.  You're also obsessed with donut holes.  You stayed with your grandparents recently and you ate 12 donut holes... It doesn't surprise me but don't expect to get that much when you're with us!

At two and a half, you are very chatty!  It is so fun to have conversations with you and I am surprised daily with the words and phrases you have picked up and are saying.  I can't say that I understand everything you say but it is close.  Most of your conversations revolve around cars (whether they are fast, red, a police car...) trucks (firetrucks, dump trucks, trucks with big tires...) and playing in the mulch.  You also love to watch the movie Cars and Airplanes and your favorite TV shows are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Sheriff Callie.  You're always repeating phrases and know all the characters.

At two and a half, you are so full of life.  You have so much energy and are truly such a happy boy. Your smile is contagious as is your belly laugh.  You still do your "happy dance" whenever you are excited and it is awesome. You give the best hugs and sweet kisses.  You also love your little brother which makes me so happy.  I can't wait to see your friendship grow over the years.

Love you H Man!!

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