NYC Recap

A few weeks ago Ryan went to New York City for a conference and we decided I would fly up on Friday morning and would have the weekend in the city together.  NYC is one of our favorite destinations and we were looking forward to a weekend away even if it was only two nights.  When we have gone before (See here and here) we have done more of the touristy things and this time the plan was to eat, drink, walk and sleep. We managed to accomplish all of that :)  

Our first stop Friday afternoon was at Shake Shack.  We've eaten here every time we've gone and it is definitely a favorite of ours.   It was raining all day but it didn't stop us from walking around Central Park, the Upper West Side, Soho and Midtown.  
We had late dinner reservations both nights but honestly this worked out great.  We had a late start to the day on Friday so a dinner reservation at 10 PM was just right.  It's hard to imagine doing dinner this late but that seemed to be the norm in NYC.  Ryan had picked out dinner spots for both evenings and they were great.  We loved the atmosphere at Alder and the food was awesome. We would definitely recommend this!  
We slept in Saturday morning and when we looked out the window the weather was gorgeous! Not a cloud in the sky and the temperature was in the 70's.  One of our favorite things to do is walk on the Brooklyn Bridge and even though it was packed we managed to fight the crowds and enjoy the views while getting to the other side. 
We were hoping to eat at the Grimaldi's but the line was crazy long so we settled for a new pizza place next door in the original Grimaldi's location. We've eaten at both now and I think we would definitely pick Juliana's.  It was a good thing we walked a lot because we definitely ate a lot of good food while we were there!
We walked back over the bridge after lunch and ended up spending a few hours in Central Park.  I was regretting my shoe choice at this point so it only made sense to stop at The Boathouse for a quick beverage :)
We did more walking, made another beverage stop in Rockefeller Plaza and ended up back at our hotel at 7:30 that evening.  We stayed at the Refinery Hotel which goes down as one of our favorite places we've ever stayed when traveling.  It was modern, yet very comfortable, and our room was surprisingly quiet.  
We had another late dinner that night and this was definitely our favorite meal of the trip.  We chose it for the great food reviews, promise of 90's hip hop music playing and lastly, by the name - Charlie Bird.  
We had such a great trip and even though it was short, we enjoyed just a few days away.  The boys stayed at "Camp Mimi" and by all the pictures I was sent, they all had a blast.  Not too mention they were exhausted when they came home!  A win, win in my book :)  

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