Silly Boy

One night this past week Ryan had a work dinner so it was just H Man and I.  I decided to heat him up some spaghetti o's thinking I was keeping it easy.  I should have known Henry would have other plans...
This boy sure is silly and knows how to ham it up when I pull out my camera.  At this point I was considering taking him outside and rinsing him off with a hose...
The next thing I know Henry is laughing and I look over and Benny is licking his spoon.  Dinner is clearly over at this point!  I sent Ryan a quick text letting him know what he was missing :)
I didn't quite get my easy cleanup dinner but I definitely got a good laugh and a few cute pics :)

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  1. Love this! Especially when he shares his dinner with Benny :) I bet they both love spaghetti o's night!


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